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Types of glasses according to your personality

Glasses are an accessory that speaks a lot about your personality and greatly influence your style. Therefore, know them choose is a fundamental task in creating your look, so do not miss this article where we say what kinds of glasses you should use according to your personality.

types of glasses

Bold and sensual
If you’re a girl who exudes sensuality and has a strong personality, round glasses are very good for you. These types of glasses make you look even more sexy and somewhat mischievous. The color can be red or pink range. It is very easy to wear and give the finishing touch to your style.

Intellectual and mysterious
For those girls who are attracted to more good books along with a coffee, butterfly or rectangular glasses are perfect to fit this personality. They’ll see somewhat reserved, but full of things to have once gain your confidence; in addition, these glasses will give a touch of intellectual for a great look.

Shy and tender
If your personality is more likely to be shy but sweet at the same time, the square glasses are ideal for you. Its will give you a very interesting look, because this mixture tends to generate very nice personalities, to which little extravagant is going better.

Chic and fun
For women who love to always be in fashion, and very versatile in their look, we recommend the large square or inverted glasses. This type of glasses will give a very jovial style, but without losing the touch of interesting and funny woman simultaneously.

Find the glasses that best to accommodate you, and make this accessory an essential part of your look.