Underwear and Sock

Underwear also play the card of luxury

In the world of men’s underwear, some brands have chosen to focus on a high quality appearance to stand out.

It is true that there is much talk of lingerie with all its lace and silky materials. But man also has the right to sublimate its strengths in beautiful underwear, and regardless of age or build. In this game, brands like Zimmerli, Derek Rose or Hanro set the standard.

Zimmerli: The “small Swiss” which thinking big
This brand has always spoiled the butt of these gentlemen, as it has behind it more than a century of creations. Product side, Zimmerli wants to reach a maximum of men of all ages, with neutral colors and comfortable to wear as cotton materials.

zimmerli underwear

Therefore amateurs of underpants in lycra neon pink, refrain! The right cut of its products also justifies the status of luxury. However, investment (between 40 and 70 euros depending on the product) is profitable, because this underwear is more resistant to weather … and the washing machine!

Derek Rose: VIP underwear
Feel like a star by wearing Derek Rose boxer shorts or underpants. Unlike Zimmerli, Derek Rose puts the bar high with luxurious fabrics like silk and top quality cotton, made in the company. Arguably also the brand successful bet by offering a range of underwear as luxurious as that of his clothes. The colors are in the same key as Zimmerli, as well as the price: 55 euros for underpants, 44 euros for shorts.

derek rose underwear

Not (much) room for fantasy in high range underwear. To belong to this category, male below must be in neutral colors, often the smartest, accompanied by a perfect cut, thereby enhancing the human anatomy.