Fashion Tips

Very useful tricks to hide those extra kilos with clothes

Hot days are coming relentlessly. And like it or not, it always takes us by surprise the arrival of the sun. Here leave some tricks to hide our extra kilos, while we prepare for a nice summer.

hide extra kilos

If waist is rather wide, forget about the very tight clothing, best is blouses, t-shirts, dresses and sweater not very tight, rather large and preferably a little tight-fitting on the side of the bust, ideally a single color or if it is color that are not large prints, combine them with skinny or leggings for your legs.

To see more stylish is preferable that the T-shirts or jackets that you use to cover your hips.

Use dark colors preferably in those parts that you want to hide.

The belts are uncomfortable, but very effective, also today, we can find fabrics that are more generous with our skin and movements, perhaps are not as cheap, but worth trying.

The three-quarter sleeves to help hide and feel more comfortable with our arms when we are not in the weight that we want.

The V-neck (eye a generous V, always and when you do not feel uncomfortable in the case of having large breasts) stylized lot, which visually makes neck look longer and helps to hide wide hips.

Dressing in one color helps a lot, preferably if they are dark colors. And you do not have to be boring, go to accessories, a cute necklace or gold colors, a cute purse and join contrast color of your shoes, accessories and everything changes.

Note that the pants are as smooth as possible in terms of colors and stitching and prefer those who are not hip and help hide so heavy and tighten the hip roll.