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Ways to Rejuvenate the Mind and the Body

We humans are in a constant state of urgency, moving from one to place to another, running to get things done, running behind or as per a schedule, a timetable, a deadline, constantly on the run and constantly in a hurry. Everything seems important and everything must be done immediately or urgently. This constant state of commotion makes you forget to stop and smell the flowers. It further leads to frayed nerves, mood swings, flared tempers, stress and anxiety. And all of this affects our relationship with those around us, especially our loved ones and robs you of your peace of mind. Most importantly, it has negative repercussions on our health.

rejuvenate mind

Do you want to wait till you encounter a health problem as a warning sign for you to take purposeful steps towards better mental and physical health? Would you rather not be aware of all the ill-effects now itself and take small but conscious steps towards restoring and renewing your mind and thus subsequently your body?

Our mind needs to rejuvenate and be at peace in order to be happy. After all, happiness must be one of the top goals of your life.

Ways to rejuvenate the mind

Smell the flowers

If you can’t find the time to smell the flowers, go ahead and burn oud essential oil to relax and calm the nerves. Oudh oil has regained its popularity and importance as essential, fragrant wood chip oil that has numerous medicinal, therapeutic and spiritual benefits. Oudh might be difficult to procure in local shops, but buy oud online and enjoy its aromatic properties.

Apart from artisanal oudh, lavender oil, all these you can get from AlShareefOudh website, incense burning and aromatic oils all have a soothing effect. Burn these at night as they will relax the mind and help you to sleep peacefully. Apart from smelling the flowers figuratively, take the time to smell them as you appreciate the beauty around you. Appreciating the beauty of the world will help you to look outside of yourself and your limited vision and be grateful for all that you have.

Slow down

One of the crucial factors to consider when wanting to restore peace of mind is to slow down things a lit. Apart from referring to the pace of life that needs to be slowed down, it even metaphorically refers to your body. Bring in a state of urgency also means that you do not breath completely and only short breaths are taken. Slow down and breathe slowly and completely till the belly and notice the calming effects of it. In the words of Desmond Green, “deep breathing restores and secures the soul” as opposed to shallow breathing. Deep breathing helps release the tension and stress from the body.

Exercise in the outdoors

Even when you are paying attention to your body and exercising you are doing so in a closed environment of the gym or within the confines of your home. The outdoors have an inexplicably positive effect on the body and mind. Go for a jog outside or practice yoga and meditation in the open. Even walking barefoot on the grass can be beneficial.

It is a known fact that any form of exercise helps release stress and relax the body. Combining it with the beauty that mother Earth has to offer will definitely help rejuvenate yourself.