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Wear skirts according to your figure

The skirts are preferred by most of women when want to look feminine and sexy (like dresses) clothes, but how to know which style should use as body type? Today we will share some basic rules of how to wear this type of skirts according to your figure.

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The key to choose right skirt style is to take into account your legs type and shape of your hips:

If your legs are thick and short

Use straight cut or pencil style skirts, as this type of skirts not having achieved folds manage to narrow your waist, hips, and legs. As your legs will create a visual illusion that they are a bit long and thin, always choose to carry long above the knee (3-4 cm), with open or closed toe heels and ending with tone skin if you want to visually lengthen them. In addition to add to this lengthening effect, we suggest dark shades.

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If your legs are thick and long

Use straight style skirts not very tight, opt for knee length or below this chanel type, avoid wearing mini skirts or skirts with volume, because they show off your legs much thicker and this is precisely what we want to avoid; we can also accompany heels with closed or open depending on your preference.

If your legs are thin and short

Use A style skirts above your knee, these will create more volume in the lower part of your body, preferably accompany them with open or closed toe heels and ending with skin tone if you want visually lengthen your legs.

If your legs are thin and long

Use the skirts cut in A or pencil style, preferably if they are stamped or has some detail to add some volume to your body. The heels are the best choice for this case and encourage a lot more if you are ankle boots or high-cut style, to win more thickness visually in your legs.

If you’re hip wide use straight cut or pencil style skirts that are not too tight to your figure, so that your hips are not marked.

If you have narrow hips use skirts with flight or printed, this will help to create volume to your hips, avoid too tight skirts.