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Tips on What Color Goes With Lime Green Pants (For Women Outfits)

Lime green pants are surely attractive. Also, they are fun to wear. However, you must match the lime green pants with the right outfit. Otherwise, your look will soon turn ghostly. Moreover, pairing the green lime color with a different outfit is challenging as it doesn’t go well with anything you wear.

You need to be selective. Thus, you must know what to wear with lime green pants. You can pair the pants with different dresses if you are clever enough.

For instance, you can easily try the lime green pants with a white sleeveless blouse or crop top. Also, you can wear it with top shirts, blazers, and cardigans. On top of it, you can play with colors to match the green lime pants. Usually, blue, white, yellow, and black colors go perfectly well with the green lime colors.

What Colors Goes With Lime Green Pants?

Wearing lime green pants can be wonderful and fun. But, it goes wrong when you don’t find the right outfit to match the pant. Also, you must know the colors to pair with it. And to know all these, you must read our entire article.

lime green pants with blue
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Try blue, yellow and white colors:

Green lime color is a combination of blue and yellow colors. Thus, these two colors compliment the lime green pants perfectly. You can pair your outfit with different shades of yellow and blue colors to look appealing and attractive.

Moreover, white is a color that goes well with almost any color. Similarly, wearing a white shirt or sleeveless top with green lime pants never goes wrong. You can play with different yellow, blue, and white shades with lime green pants.

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Complementary colors look good too:

Maybe you aren’t fancy trying opposite colors such as yellow or blue. Then, you can wear green lime with complementary colors.

Complementary colors are known as accent colors. You can wear these colors with any colored pants to enjoy a striking contrast and look. When you pair the lime green pants with complementary colors, it highlights the hues better. Also, it improves your appeal greatly.

lime green pants with red
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You can tear different shades of red as a complementary color scheme. For instance, you can wear a red-wine colored shirt with lime green pants. Also, wearing a crop neck top with burgundy color and lime green pants would look awesome.

Neutral colors never go wrong:

Neutral colors such as beige, tan, white, black and grey match nearly every outfit and color scheme. You may try these different colors with green lime. For instance, you can wear a beige or grey blazer with the tight lime green pant for a casual look.

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What to Wear With Green Lime Pants?

We have already described which color goes well with the green lime pants. Now, it’s time to discuss the right outfit to pair these pants with. You can apply a couple of good dressing ideas with the green lime pants.

Pair the pant with a blazer:

Do you want a business casual look? Then, pairing the green lime pant with a blazer will be perfect. The navy blue, grey, or black blazer will give you a smart appearance. Also, wear a button-down white shirt with the blazer and pants for the perfect smart casual look.

green lime pant with blazer
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If you wear lime green denim or chinos, wear loafers also. A white shirt, grey blazer, lime green denim, and loafer will make you appealing. Plus, you can attend a business meeting with this dress.

Wear neutral-colored shirts:

Try neutral colors if you want to wear a shirt with lime green pants. You can choose grey, beige, white, or tan colors for the full sleeve shirts or blouses. Ensure that the shirt or blouse fits your body shape.

Also, these neutral colors go well with almost any outfit. We have already spoken about a button-down shirt, blazer, and green lime pants combo. You can leave the blazer and try neutral-colored shirts for the perfect style.

green lime jeans with sweater
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An oversized sweater also looks smart:

Do you love skinny green lime chinos or jeans? If yes, you should wear an oversized sweater with it for the classic cowboy look. Alternatively, you can match it with loose T-shirts. The contrasting fitting will give you a nice fashionable look.

Fitted blouse for loose pants:

Sometimes you may prefer wearing loose green lime pants. It will appear flowing. Also, it may have wide-cut legs. For these dress pants, you can choose a fitted full-sleeve blouse. Also, tuck it in the pants for a mesmerizing look.

In winter, try deep-colored jackets:

Winter comes with unlimited options to show your fashion sense. And it would help if you counted on the advantage by unfolding your closet. Yes, play with different colors and patterns to pair with the green lime pants in winter.

green lime pants with jacket
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You can choose leather jackets for the upper part of your body. For colors, you are free to choose from anything you love. Every color looks awesome with a leather jacket from red to deep blue, navy blue, black, or tan.

Pair it with the green lime pant and a neckline sweater to get the perfect winter look. It also looks brilliant for photographs.

Don’t forget the cardigans and pullovers:

Cardigans are always the best choice for women with every style of pants. Similarly, pullovers also look brilliant with any pants. Hence, you can get a funky look with the pullover sweater or cardigans along with the lime green pants.

If you choose cardigans, also wear long ones. It gives you a classic vibe. Also, pair the outfit with high-neck boots with a zipper. You won’t believe how the dress and boot will transform your entire appearance.

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Green lime is a tricky color. You will look awesome when you match the color with the right outfit. Or else, a wrong selection of the color and outfit will ruin your personality. Therefore, you need to be choosey with the lime green paints.

Hopefully, this guideline on what color combination match with lime green pants should give you the ideas. Also, you can try different combos depending on your choice and fashion preference.