Pants and Jeans

What cut of jeans choose to have style?

Because it is not always easy to choose jeans, here are some basic tips for finding the form of jeans that fits you.

jeans cut

The jean has its place in the pantheon of menswear. Historically, this cotton canvas left our territory for the USA where it has enjoyed phenomenal success since the late nineteenth century. Back to product became a proletarian luxury!

Jeans, pants constantly revisited
Fashion is governed by very few codes and laws, but it is inescapable: we must respect the timeless. Let it be said, is a denim pieces always have in dressing room, gentlemen!

Always worked and constantly recreated, the jean is more and more innovative. Cuts multiply and the colors are diversifying. Above all, the cross-section is basic to have in your wardrobe. Simple, elegant and timeless, it is the friend of man. In line with most morphology, its association with cities shoes or sneakers is ideal.

Low waisted, with a shirt or t-shirt, jeans will ensure that in all situations, both dressed more casual. Always have a basic in your wardrobe without washout, to always have a safe value within reach of leg. Thereafter you can decline in various colors, faded or not.

Subsequent cuts which will fit to every morphology. The bootcut (low waist, slightly tightened at the level of knees and a little flare at the bottom), also known as trumpet section (for more technical), accentuate your fall back. Ideal to wear with heel, because its slight flare will help to cover partially the shoe and thus to hide the laces.

Let you go to choose faded jeans, worked at the level of the stitching and details of the pockets. Pair it with a t-shirt with V-neckline, a suit vest, all identified by a backpack bag, a metal bracelet and you’re the owner of a look-dandy bohemian trend entirely made in the air time.

With the slim shape, be careful not to look like a breadboard (at the level of the buttocks). Clearly, we must not lose our curves and bring out others. This cut is suitable for slender dimension, but not too thin either. It is difficult to wear jeans that are suitable for fashion insiders. For those who can afford it, wear it with boots, derbies to sneakers with thin sole. To complete the look, choose a slim fit shirt, a leather belt and an old briefcase style bag. You can even insert a mid-season coat very quilted trend for two years.

These three primal cuts were all declined. They were mixed, blended … and now dozens of cuts available to you. It is good to know they do not all have the same name depending on the brand.

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