What Jewellery Style Best Represents You?

Jewellery is an endlessly fascinating and beautiful world, but those who are not too familiar with it might not realise that as with other forms of fashion, there are a lot of styles of jewellery out there, and there are a lot of people that prefer to stick to certain styles. This is what can make shopping for jewellery so difficult for some people, but learning about the different styles available can greatly help with this. For this this reason, in this article we cover some of the more popular styles to help get you well on the way to becoming a jewellery expert.

Jewellery Style

Are you interested in classic jewellery?

Whether you have a keen interest in custom made engagement rings, are desperate to buy diamonds in Sydney or are just looking for a simple attractive piece to complement an outfit, there are countless options for those looking to get more into jewellery, so choosing a style for people new to the world can be tough.

As you might imagine, there are a lot of people who still opt to go for a more classic looks when it comes to jewellery. Classic jewellery often does away with complex shapes in favour of sleek, timeless lines and sculpted shapes that do away with trends, making them the perfect pieces to suit a wide variety of outfits.

Women who prefer classic styles of jewellery will often not be terribly interested in fashions, whether new or old, and instead want to go for a select set of pieces that they can wear for a very long time – sometimes decades, even. By going for pieces that embrace everything minimal and simple, streamlined pieces are guaranteed to stand the test of time and suit any article of clothing. Plus, these options are also excellent for people who don’t want to look over their vast jewellery collections and spend hours deciding on what to wear – a few select classic pieces can just be picked up and put on whenever they are needed.

Trendy jewellery styles

There are some people who couldn’t even bring themselves to wear something classic rings, however. Trends can be a lot of fun and are a great expression of your style, and one of the most popular jewellery trends is definitely bohemian.

The bohemian trend is favoured by a lot of free spirits, and this approach is often featured in the design of these pieces – think elaborate and colourful patterns and often oversized pieces that are often worn as layered pieces. For those that want a more straightforward style without the predictability of classic, modern styles embrace straight edges and sharp corners through the use of strongly shaped pieces, and can include things like chokers, square-edged bangles and pendants. For those preferring a more romantic approach to jewellery, pretty jewellery that features a lot of floral patterns and showcases mother of pearl can demonstrate unbridled femininity and charm.

What is your jewellery style?

Just as with all of the beautiful shoes, cost and bags out there, there are a lot of pieces of jewellery that can really work to demonstrate your personal style. If you’ve stuck with one for a while and are looking to explore more, why not try one of the other styles we’ve covered in this article? You might find a lot to like!