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What mascara to choose?

There are on the shelves of pharmacies many kinds of mascara for all tastes and all budgets. But how to choose the one that suits us? What are the important points in the ultimate quest of the product that will transform our eyes and look?

mascara to choose

Our eyes, our eyelashes
Before making a foray into the cosmetic section of your favorite pharmacy, take a few minutes to look in the mirror and objectively examine your eyelashes. Are they short, long, dotted, thick, straight, and almost non-existent?

In addition, the color of your eyes should also influence the mascara that you choose. There are several colors and the intense black is not always the best.

What is the desired effect?
Once you know what is the “default” that you want to correct, you have a better idea of what it takes to promote your perfect mascara. Here are the most popular types:

  • The regular mascara, no particular effect, which simply separate the lashes and coat with a thin layer. It is suitable for those who already love their lashes in natural and simply wish to accentuate their eyes on special occasions.
  • The mascara that lengthens the lashes, perfect if yours are short.
  • The mascara that gives volume to use when your eyelashes are sparse and inconspicuous.
  • The curving mascara, ideal for the rather straight eyelashes.
  • Care mascara, which combines makeup with a moisturizer to strengthen fragile or damaged lashes.
  • Waterproof mascara, the one chosen when considering a swim, a workout, a few tears in front of a good movie or bad weather. It is essential to then remove with a two-phase makeup remover (which contains a fatty substance).

And color?
Although color coal eyelashes are very popular, they are not suitable for everyone! If your natural lashes are blond or light brown hair, it is better to opt for brown mascara that will not affect the cure look.

It is also possible to play extravagance by choosing a mascara color (blue, purple, green), but avoid using it on the eyelashes in full. A good method is to apply a coat of your regular mascara (black or brown, depending on the natural color of your lashes), then add a little touch of color to the tip of the lashes, once the first coat is completely dry.

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