Women's Fashion

What necklines use according to your body?

The neckline, in addition to being very feminine, can style a lot the silhouette of a woman so when you go to buy clothes not only you will probably go for the models that you like in terms of color or type, but also the design of the neckline.

type of neckline

If you choose a garment with a neckline that suits you will highlight the attractiveness and much besides being more beautiful, be much sexier. Yes, choose necklines depending on the occasion, it is not the same keep a cleavage for the work to go out and party at night, don’t you think?

But would you know what the type of neckline that suits you? Could you choose the perfect neckline for you? Take a look at the following lines!

Small chest: Rounded Neckline
If you are a woman with small breasts, the best neckline for you is one that is rounded or shape of U. These necklines that will help your chest look much enhanced.

Small chest: Halter Neckline
Another type of neckline would also like scandal is called halter neckline, which is knotted at the nape; this will make your chest look much bulkier than it actually may be.

Large chest: V-neckline
If you have large breasts you may want to promote this so feminine part of a woman’s body, or perhaps prefer a slightly more demure neckline.

Whatever the type of neckline you’re looking for, you should know that if you have large breasts you will fine very much with V neckline and especially those with beak-shaped or oval. But if you want a more demure look, the oval is fine for you.

Long, thin neck: Closed Neckline
If your neck is long and slender, well, you will go slimming garments that have closed or back neck and you will be able to catch up on all the ornaments and necklaces that you want.

Round face: No bottlenecks!
If your face is round forgotten become bottlenecks because it seems that you have even fatter and rounder face. Also, if you’re a girl with little chins on back neck, you can disguise it but tries to that you do not tighten or will then seem to have double.

Little Chest: No strapless neckline!
If you like the strapless necklines advise that you avoid them if you have a little chest or if you are too thin, since your chest will look smaller and slimmer.