What pants favor your body type?

It all depends on the shape of the body; therefore, there is nothing better than knowing what kind of pants fits each to buy the advisable for you.

pants for body shaped

Triangle or pear shaped body
If you have this type of body, indicated for your pants are boot cut that balance your figure. Test with dark jeans, with medium waist, lakes, with simple sewing, rear pockets and, of course, cut boot.

Round or apple shaped body
The right thing for you will be straight pants, not too tight, but not flared. Remember that whatever it is always look elegant and enhance your beauty. If you use this type of pants you will balance your body and you will see tremendous.

Hourglass shaped body
If you’re curvy, with shoulders and hips of similar proportions but with small waist, you can calmly use tight pants because it will be great. You can also balance your figure with a cut boot, do not forget!

Rectangle shaped body
In the case that your body does not have many curves and either rectangular, you need to create volume on your hips. The pants with wide waist are ideal for you, plus it’s have wide legs. A tight pant will only accentuate your lack of curves.

Inverted triangle shaped body
If your body looks like a triangle upside down, your goal should be to amplify the bottom to match it with the top. Choose pants with wide legs and body to create the illusion of balance.