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What Shoes To Wear With Fishnets? Top Suggestions for an Appealing Look

Fishnets have been a huge trend since modern fashion has begun. The idea of wearing a classy and elegant fishnet gives Goosebumps to most women. However, there’s one big problem with wearing a fishnet. It is you who need to pair the fishnet with the right shoes. If you choose the wrong shoes for fishnets, your entire dressing will ruin. Thus you must know what shoes to wear with fishnets.

Technically, you must wear closed-toe shoes with fishnets. Open-toe shoes don’t match the style of fishnet dresses. Plus, you can try high heels, sneakers, and loafers with fishnets. Fashionable women also prefer wearing ankle boots with their fishnets.

That’s why you need to continue reading this article to know which shoe style to pair with what type of fishnets.

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What Shoes To Wear With Fishnets?

When women wear fishnets, they are mostly concerned about the stockings and skirts. Only a few will pay attention to the type of shoes they will wear. This can be suicidal because you may soon look like a ghost without the right pair of shoes and fishnets. What’s more, while choosing the shoes, you not only consider their look and style. You must also consider the type of overall outfit and accessories you will use with the fishnet dress.

Wear close-toed shoes

You should always wear close-toed shoes with fishnets as a rule of thumb. Open-end shoes that expose your fingers upfront don’t look good with the fishnets. On the other side, close-toes shoes will enhance your elegance on the red carpet. Plus, closed-toed shoes boot the beauty of your feet, making you more appealing and attractive. You can try different shoes, sandals, and boots with the fishnets.

Go wild with black boots

Black boots have charisma and spelling magic. You can pair the black boots with nearly every outfit and still look sexier than ever. So, why not try them with your favorite fishnets? You will love the combination once you wear black shoes with a classic stocking. In 2000, Paris Hilton, in a show, paired black boots with a high-neck design with black fishnet and a hot-pink skirt. Gosh, she was looking ever so attractive. The boots had zippers at the back, adding further elegance to Hilton’s look.

paris hilton with black boat and black fishnet

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You can also pair your fishnet similarly. Also, wear a skirt up to the thighs or knees to expose the remaining part of the fishnets. The sensual combo of skirt, fishnet, and high-neck boots will elevate your look. You will surely be the center of attraction on occasion.

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Need a Pair of Shoes to Wear With Fishnets? Check Our Recommendation

If you want to get it right, given how unforgiving a lousy look can be, you need to choose a pair of shoes to wear with fishnets wisely. The myriad options can make it challenging, but our recommendation will save the day.

Plain Western Boots


You stand to benefit from purchasing this black pair of shoes in the following ways:

  • It has a stiletto heel to be the elegance you need
  • The plain pattern makes it versatile
  • The rubber outsole and extended cloth make the shoe beautiful and durable
  • It is an all-weather shoe ideal for spring, summer, fall, and winter
  • The slip-on closure makes it easy to wear or remove
  • The fashion boot also has a pointed toe to enhance your look further

Well, now that you have a suitable pair of shoes to wear with fishnets, do yourself a favor and grab it soonest possible. Check price there

Loafers and canvas for a casual look

Do you want a casual look with your stocking or fishnet dress? Then you may pair it with loafers and casuals. The combo will give you the perfect casual and cowboy look. Also, fashion experts say that the combo of stocking and canvas shoes is always a winner.

fishnets with loafers

Image Source

You don’t need to wear the classic Gucci loafers and stockings for it. Wear them with a similar color for a classic casual look. You can also choose an alternative or opposite colors for a more vibrant and casual appearance. For instance, you may pair the black fishnet with white canvas. It will make people more attentive to your feet.

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Tennis shoes can be a good alternative too

If you want a different yet simple look, pairing the fishnet with tennis shoes can be good. This type of outfit is so safe that it can never go wrong. Wear a short and high-waist short with tennis shoes and fishnet. It will expose your legs slightly to elevate your attractiveness. For the colors of the tennis shoe, always go with the classic and brighter ones. Yes, you can wear fishnets with white, baby pink or purple colored tennis shoes.

Above and below knee boots both look provocative

We’ve mentioned wearing black boots with fishnets. But what type of boot should you pair with the fishnets? There’s no limitation here. Yes, you can go wild with any boot you love to wear with stockings and fishnets.

fishnet with below knee boots

Image Source

Thankfully, both above and below the knee boots go perfectly well with the fishnets. You can try the following combos:

  • If you wear boots reaching above your knees, leave a few inches of the fishnet exposed. It will give you a provocative look.
  • If you wear boots below the knee length, pair them with a knee-length skirt. Again ensure a few inches of your fishnet are exposed for an appealing look.

Long story short, there’re no limitations to experiments with the fishnet and boots. You can stand in front of the mirror and try different boot styles with the fishnet. You should remember that your look doesn’t depend on what you wear only. It also depends on how confidently and elegantly you carry the outfit.

Don’t forget the socks

It would help if you chose the right socks with the fishnet dress. Many women think they don’t need to wear socks with fishnet dresses. But that’s not a good idea, particularly for formal happenings like parties. It would help if you chose the socks and fishnets in the same color. Also, you can try layering the stockings with a low-neck boot, tall socks, and a short buttoned top. The combo will look sexier than ever. You can pick denim from bright to deep blue colors for the buttoned top.

Try long slacks and high-heels or boots

Finally, you can try slacks with high heels. Alternatively, you can wear it with long-neck boots. Leave a few inches of the fishnet open right above your knee as you try the combination. Thus, get a slack simply 1-2 inches above your knee. Wear a cropped bellbottom with this outfit for a deadly look. The outfit also looks brilliant with pumps for a casual appearance.


Fishnets truly liberate your limitations of wearing a few fixed dresses and shoes. You can wear fishnets with a variety of shoes. It includes long or short-neck boots, pumps, tennis shoes, high heels, canvas, and loafers. Also, use stocking length, boot height, and socks cleverly for a unique yet attractive and appealing look. With these different suggestions for what shoes to wear with fishnet tights, you will enjoy the killer look. Also, wear the outfit confidently because it improves your look greatly.