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What shoes to wear with red velvet dress?

What would be the best pick for a red dress when prepping for a party? The occasion you are heading to would decide the shoe type to match your dress. A red dress is enough to create a bold look no matter the event. You may find choosing the shoe a little tricky with plenty of options available.

What shoes to wear with red velvet dress? Explore some fashionable ideas

Here are some latest and trending styling suggestions to let you pick the perfect shoe for your red outfit.

Try golden shoes with red dress

A metallic gold shoe is a perfect companion to a red dress, no matter what the actual shade of the red is. Gold is always to reign whether it is a warm or cool color tone, a flat or sandal.

If the red dress is like a gown, a golden shoe would be a perfect choice. A gladiator-like flat red sandal with a casual or bohemian red dress.

A gold pump shoe can also rock the shoe if you want to use it for every dress you wear. It creates a classy look with a rhinestone embellishment. When heading for a formal event, a golden shoe with stiletto heels is perfect for enhancing the look.

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Neutral shades are a great choice

A taupe, beige, or blush hue-shade shoe would be another perfect pair for your red dress. The neutral shades give a fabulous look to red, and it is something easily accessible in your closet.

Many girls are fans of red dresses and nude shoes with heels to rock an evening party. The surprising part is that neutral color shoes can do wonders with any outfit you try.

red dress with black boot
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Black boots and red dress? A stark contrast!

Black matches with almost every color dress, no matter what dress or shoe you pick. Red and black create a stark contrast and a perfect head turner for an evening party.

Moreover, when wearing a velvet red dress, the instant color block effect is beautiful to pair up. You can try strappy sandals for instant glam with your velvet dress.

Even leather boots would be the perfect ensemble with a velvet dress. The leather boots are great to finish off the look. The velvet dress undoubtedly gives a polished and sleek outfit, and black shoes would boost it.

red velvet dress with black shoe

Wear a plain black sandal with red dress

A black sandal can give a nice yet minimal look, and it is available in various hues. This makes it a perfect pick where you can match the outfit from boardroom to ballroom. If searching for an all-encompassing choice of shoes with a red velvet dress, this can be perfect.

Silver Heels and Silver Shoes with red velvet dress

When looking for matching shoes with the red velvet dress, a silver metallic shoe would be perfect: silver or gold. Whether a pointed pump or sandal, it will make an excellent pair.

No matter the dress’s color, the silver shoe would be great to match. Whether a cocktail party or a date night, it would suit the occasion.

red velvet dress with white shoe
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White shoe with red velvet dress

Dark red velvety knee-length dresses with stylish sleeves are perfect with white-heeled pumps. Take a sling blush color bag to boost the look and make it perfect for parties. Whether picking sandals, boots, or sneakers, it is a perfect look for summer and spring.

A white sneaker is trending and would look stylish with a white dress, giving a vibrant look. This can go perfectly when styling for a romantic dinner. So, you can try with both heels or sneakers to bring the best of your look.

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How to pick the right material for shoes?

Velvety finish blue shoes

If you are more into trying fashionable stuff, a red dress with blue velvet shoes can create a surprising and stunning look. Take a simple purse to highlight this red and blue combination that is always eye-catching, no matter your outfit.

Blue shoes can take the dress up a notch and gives a creative twist. Though red and blue is a common combination, they can also create magic.

Try a suede shoe with velvet dress

A velvet dress will surely add something extra to your day-to-day routine. It helps to flaunt your style in the best way possible, so suede knee shoes can effectively enhance your look with the red velvet dress.

red velvet dress with suede shoes
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It adds extra glam to the look and is perfect for a night party with friends. It gives an instant dressy look, and you can keep your accessories minimalistic with it. Both velvety finish and suede shoes would perfectly match a velvet dress.

So, leather and velvet will result in a rich look. A suede heeled sandal will give a polished look. A velvet dress with suede shoes takes the overall look to the next level. But be careful about the right choice of shoe color to complement your dress nicely.

Some popular types to pair with a red velvet dress

  • Heels – If heels are your favorite, as mentioned above, try silver heels. It goes perfectly with a red dress. Unlike gold, silver is versatile and easy to boost the style statement. You can complete the look by adding silver jewelry with it.
  • Pumps – If planning to wear a velvet dress at work, metallic pumps are your comfort givers. However, try metallic heels when attending a party. Nude pumps also create a fabulous look with a red dress. Beige pumps give a visually longer look.
  • Sandals or Flats – The perfect color pick would make the outfit great, whether you wear flats or sandals. It creates a bohemian look that is glamour-inspired. Gold pumps work great with any length of the dress.

If you want to look confident in the attire and style of your choice, try the combinations above. Create a look that earns you appreciation at the party or friend’s gathering. It should make you look different from the rest and be as beautiful as you always, flaunt yourself. Try from the latest trending color options and choose a comfortable shoe with your favorite red velvet dress.