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What shoes you should choose for a white dress

The white dresses are very beautiful and flattering. They can be very elegant, fresh, youthful, pleasant and can be used in all circumstances (except for a wedding if you are not the bride). However, the accessories to be used can be complicated, in the same way that it happens with the choice of shoes.

Do we wear a total white look? Will not it be too contrasting with black shoes? Can colored shoes be an excess? Actually, there is no problem. The important thing is to wear shoes that look like you, that are comfortable and that give the contrast of color appropriate to your personality.

shoes in white dress

Here we give you several options so you can combine a white dress with different styles of shoes.

Shoes in white

The option to choose some shoes in white can be complicated, because perhaps you give a too nuptial impression. In spite of everything, the total white can be a success according to the circumstances:

  • If you are on the beach, tanned and with white striped sandals, Greek style, you will look great since it will enhance the tone of the skin.
  • A long, white and flowing dress with white flat sandals can also be seen very well.
  • Some pretty shoes for a white lace dress will also look good in white.

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Shoes in nude colors

Color makeup or pink powder, are some of the nude colors similar to the color of the skin. There are even houses that have a range of nude shoes of different shades, so they are the same color as the wearer’s skin. Undoubtedly it is one of the colors that best combine with a white dress.

shoes in nude colors

  • If you are very white, stop by some pretty stilettos in a light beige.
  • If you are more dark, choose darker shades, maybe a toasted nude that you can wear with high-heeled sandals.
  • Do not forget the peep toes always flattering in pink tones, for an elegant and super feminine touch.

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The nude shoes do not stand out on the white and get an effect of longer legs. They always look very elegant. With white dress are the perfect choices.

Shoes in brown tones

If your white suit is of winter, one option is to wear boots or a booty style shoe, since it is a color that contrasts without clashing over white.

  • Take the opportunity to combine your white short dresses with very high boots in dark brown tones. The cowboy boots are a total success.
  • Another option is to use medium brown, called in some places “colonial”, which is the classic leather tone that will give a more rustic look to your outfit. It has the advantage that it is a neutral color and always looks good with white. That medium brown also looks great in sandals or pumps with a white dress that is not winter.
  • Take advantage of the fashion of the sandals to choose this dark brown that will complement perfectly with the immaculate white of your dress. Add a shoulder bag to your look.

Shoes in black

The classic black can be as complicated as it is very stylish. At the time of combining it with a white dress, the ideal is that the black shoe acquires certain prominence.

  • If your white dress has black details, some black shoes can look sensational because they are the perfect complement.
  • If it is a very classic dress, joining it to some classic black shoes can be excessively boring, the trick is to give an original point to your feet.
  • We recommend some black sandals or less traditional shoes to give that unconventional point to your white dress. For example sandals with tulle flowers, with tacks or with strass.

Shoes in red

The red shoes are certainly one of the riskiest while it’s incredibly flattering options. The contrast with the white color makes red shoes a success, as they stand out, and give the dress a really special personality.

shoes in red

  • Choose simple red sandals for a midi-cut white dress, or choose a pair of high-heeled shoes to show off stylized legs.
  • If you want a more romantic look choose a simple ballerinas with red bow. The result is original and really sensational.
  • When combining shoes with a white dress you can opt for a dark red for a more elegant look and a bright red for something more casual and fun.

Shoes in metallic tones

This is the easiest and most comfortable option specially indicated to go to an event and shine with your own light. The metallic ones are considered a neutral with a lot of percolation.

  • With white, silver, gold and bronze, pewter or copper look great.
  • The lounge shoes with platform in golden or silver tones are very flattering and festive.
  • The sandals with sequins or glitter will undoubtedly make you look like a real princess.
  • Try that your accessories are the same hue as your shoes, but do not exaggerate with too many metallic details.

Printed shoes

White, being such a soft color, makes it look great with strong tones and even more daring prints.

printed shoes

  • Choose some original sandals with some pattern, especially with floral prints, in green tones with yellows and even vibrant pink. In this case, the shoes are what will give the touch of color and contrast so necessary with a white dress.
  • Another option that always looks good with white dresses is the animal print, either leopard or zebra. They are a good choice of shoes for a broken white dress or white chalk.

Remember that the same dress can be used in various circumstances and that the entire outfit changes only with different shoes. Choose the type of shoe you want to wear depending on whether it’s a daily look, a look to go to work or a fun party or a more classic wedding.

Do not forget the accessories. The white color allows you to play with different t-shirts that do not always have to be similar to shoes. Combine some nude shoes with accessories in gold or brown shoes with accessories in mustard color. Play with the contrasts to create a divine look.