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What styles of shoes should use depending on your legs and height?

Have you ever wondered if any style of shoes will go well with your legs? In the same way that when buying clothes, you should consider your body type when buying shoes you should consider the size, shape and texture of your legs and feet, as well as your height. Below we show different styles of shoes and how they fit different types of legs:

different styles of shoes

The boots or shoes that are tied at the ankles
Both styles will look good if you have long and thin legs (dressing if your legs are thin), especially if the area of your ankle is thin, since these are going to emphasize this area. If you have calves and/or thick ankles or if you’re short you should avoid it; since to emphasize that area you will make your legs look shorter and you see shorter.

If you are short, uses boots which end just below the knee and having heel to make your legs look longer. If you are going to use a skirt or dress long up to below the knee with boots, make sure that these are the same color as the skirt or dress; visually this will help your legs look longer. A further tip is to avoid using boots that reach halfway down your calf or to the ankle if you have thick legs (as dress if your legs are thick). If your legs are too thin avoided wearing boots that remain wide in the calf, you must be properly adjusted in that area, because otherwise it will emphasize the thinness of your leg.

Ballerina shoes
The ballerina shoes are very comfortable and versatile, since practically used for day and night, depending on the style. However care must be taken when using them; if you have short legs and thick then only use ballerina shoes with long dresses above the knee. If you are short, then choose for styles that end in top, instead of round or square.

Flat sandals
Like the ballerina shoes are very versatile. Avoid using those that tie at the ankle if you have short legs. If you have thick feet avoiding those delicate styles, for example those skinny strips that make your foot more noticeable.