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What to keep in mind when buying snowboard clothes?

Whatever your case may be, you must take into account that it is essential to be well equipped so that you can enjoy your snow day as much as possible. So, whether your old clothes have run out, or if you have to buy a missing item, or just want to renew the closet because you’re tired of that gray coat that nobody likes (or yourself), We tell you what to keep in mind when buying snowboard clothes.

Beware: if you have obtained garments recently – who has not bought helmets, sweatshirts, jackets or boots looking only at the price? You run the risk of laying your hands on your head for not having taken these tips into account. Warned you stay!

buying snowboard clothes

Thermal garments: breathable and expelling moisture

The first layer is the thermal garment. As you will know if you have ever practiced winter sports, in the snow you sweat a lot. After all, despite being in a cold environment, it is constantly moving.

Therefore, it is very important that the shirt worn is breathable which will allow you to keep your body dry at all times and maintain a comfortable temperature. Another tip: keep in mind that the objective of this garment is not to give heat, but to keep it. Therefore, do not go looking for one that is a thicker fabric.

The thickness of the second layer varies depending on the temperature

The most recommended garment to use as a second layer is a fleece lining. The objective of this one must be warm and welcoming. Likewise, it is also totally advisable that it be breathable. And no, do not think you’re going to have to sell a kidney to buy the whole set.

We advise you that in case you start to have heat, do not even think about taking off the thermal! The second layer is always the least expendable and should be detached in case you feel a little overwhelmed. Are you targeting everything on your list of things to keep in mind when buying snowboarding clothes?

The jacket: waterproof and windproof

For many riders (a term popularly coined in the ski sector to refer to those who walk the tracks on the boards) the jacket is a key element in your set. We assure you that it would not be the first time that someone is going to spend a weekend in the snow and after two hours has had to rest in the station cafeteria since he was soaked.

In fact, some of them have experienced it in their own flesh when they were newbies because they did not read an article like this with observations that must be taken into account to buy snowboarding clothes. So point: the jacket has to be waterproof. If you also act as a windbreaker, travel the surface of the domain you choose, will be sewing and singing.

Double-lined pants and thermal mesh: the ideal pair

Once we have the top part ready, we have to think about sheltering the lower areas. As a first layer, we recommend using thermal mesh that reaches up to the knees, approximately, since the rest of the leg will be covered by socks. Otherwise, creases and wrinkles are created that can become uncomfortable while you are practicing snowboarding.

As for the pants, there is one essential aspect that it is waterproof. The knuckles and falling knees forward will be very present if you start your career in this discipline, and in the future you will thank us very much that we have shared this advice with you. If they also have an inner lining, it is the ideal garment.

Ski Socks

Yes, exact, ski socks. It’s not worth the football socks or hot polka-dot socks you bought the other day. We know it can be silly and its advantages are difficult to perceive, but there are specialized socks to practice snow sports that reinforce the area of the shin and ankle. And calm, it is not necessary to go to the north pole to look for them since you can find them in any sports store.

Finally, when you put them on, be sure to stretch them as much as possible to avoid chafing. A wound can disturb more than you think and, therefore, sour your getaway to the snow.

And with that we finalized our article on what to keep in mind when buying snowboard clothes. Did you find it useful? And you, do you have any observations to add? If yes, do not hesitate to leave a comment. We will love reading it!