What to Wear? Garments in metallic colors

If you have a coat, a cardigan, a pants and even a shoe in metallic shades or shiny materials and do not know what or how to combine them with other pieces, do not miss these tips:

garments in metallic colors

1. You can make combinations of several pieces in metallic tones with each other, as long as all are part of the same range, for example combines the golden tones with different ground tones, such as coffee, beige or Khaki. Such combinations will best people with warm skin tone (brunettes, brown with yellowish skin tone).

2. If you choose silver or metallic gray tones, combinations must make with cool colors like blue, magenta, or violet.

3. Combines metallic colors with neutral tones like black or white. If you combine the gold or silver with black you can accompany your look with a third color depending on whether it is with gold, use a warm color like orange; if a silver tone, the third color should be a cool tone (magenta).

Finally, it is important to have in mind when buying clothes in metallic shades, these by their brightness, tend to enlarge and add volume. So, you must consider that if you bust or wide shoulders, you should invest in a waistband and thus increase the volume at the bottom; on the contrary if you have wide hips, it is best to invest in a blouse or cardigan to attract attention to your top and create balance. Now, if you’re chubby tries to bring these tones in your accessories such as shoes, bags and scarves.