What to wear in winter without abandoning your style?

Many people think it is impossible to have style in winter. And yet, just know how to choose the right clothes!

wear in winter

Like Mr. Bibendum is not the best way to stay warm in the winter. The key is to choose the right types of clothing to combine style and comfort. To be methodical minimum, we will address the issue piece by piece and then see how to combine and adapt your style: all without headlock!

The tee-shirts
This is the first layer in contact with your skin, so it should properly remove heat from your body. Only natural materials such as cotton or a blend of cotton/wool have this capacity. The synthetic will tend to retain heat, which will make you sweat. Now, it prevents moisture in winter.

It is the second layer and also needs, let the heat. In a relaxed atmosphere, opt for shirts in big cotton flannel. A final indication favors natural materials.