Fashion Tips

What to wear to disguise the abdomen?

As disappear or hide a prominent abdomen is a common concern of many women and sometimes requires exercise, and it is clear, time and dedication to achieve this. As you succeed you can opt for some styling tricks, using appropriate dress help you to disguise it. So if this is your case, invite you to take note of the type of clothing you should not miss in your closet:

disguise abdomen

Blouses and dresses in empire waist: This type of cut has the characteristic of being adjusted in the chest area and wider area from below the bust. Since it is not exact in the zone of the abdomen it will help you to hide it. Forget the dresses or blouses that are cut in the waist area because they accentuate your abdomen.

Hip pants or jeans: Hip pants help hide the abdomen to no mark, yes that is close does not fit too tight. By contrast avoids high waist pants, as these all they do is make the abdomen more.

Fitted Blazer: The blazer can be a good ally to cover the abdomen. Try to finish the hips and not the waist and further that the court can tailor your waist without adjusting too.

A style or flight skirt: These styles focus attention on the skirt and on the lower part of your body and not your abdomen. Avoid using pencil skirt style, as the visual effect would not help you much, because the abdomen would look bigger.

Pieces of thin waistband or without waistband: Opt for pants and skirts of thin waistband or no waistband, preferably with buttons, the closure or Zipper on the back or side. It is diverting attention from the abdomen.

Other tips:

  • Avoid wearing blouses or clothes on top with horizontal stripes.
  • Assist with accessories, use scarves, hats or earrings in bright colors to draw attention to another part of the body, in this case to your face.
  • Do not use vests style jackets, and you will take attention to the abdomen.
  • If you carry a semi-fitted shirt, do not take it within the pants but outside.
  • Use belt under your clothes.