Suit & Tie

When buying a suit…

There is plenty to consider when suiting up, for a wedding, formal dinner party or other such functions. One never wants to be caught under-dressed at these sorts of gatherings, but it can be quite a difficult process in trying to compile one’s outfit.

buying a suit


Black and white is the traditional suit colour, but nowadays, hues have branched into plenty of other degrees. A nice matt black or slick grey is tried and tested, and doesn’t often fail, but the daring out there could trial others. A powder blue is quite popular amongst the younger generation, while the bolder older also like to consider lime green – or pale yellow. Depending on your disposition and pocket, you might just want to opt for the safe options, though.


The lining of the suit, particularly around the jacket and legs form men’s suits, is very important. For the pants, one has to decide whether or not a loose fit is the way forward. If a tighter, snugger fit is your choice, then be sure to get the fitting done by a professional. Don’t dare try and get this done yourself, or by a relative, as things could go wrong – and you could have an uncomfortable time at whatever function you are headed to. It’s best to try a tailor out. They are professionals and well trained, with all the equipment required.

Then, for the upper body, particularly the shirt and jacket, the same sorts of elements need to be considered. We are not all slim and fit, some of us are a bit portly and admittedly not road-running inclined. That’s okay, you can still look good in a suit of your choice. Just make sure, through the advice of professionals and trained tailors, you know what you are getting into – quite literally. There is nothing wrong with asking around, shopping around, before you commit to one piece or another.


When thinking about the cost of your suit, remember that this isn’t going to be a once-off arrangement. You are almost certainly going to use it time and time again, at various functions over the years. So, think of the purchase as an investment, with a long-term future. Then, you should put some extra cash into it. Don’t cheap out, because it will bite you back, with a rip or slide through the leg at the most inopportune moment, just as you are about to hit the post-speeches dance floor.


Remember, in time, you can mix and match. You can swap the existing jacket out with a different pair of pants. You can take your current pants and pair them with a bought or hired jacket. Be imaginative, or stick to what you know, with just slight variations. The fashion experimentation will pay off when all your friends are looking at you and thinking they probably should have done the same thing. Above all, remember there are professionals at hand to help you size up the situation and fit.