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7 Unusual Fashion Trends

If you thought 2020 couldn’t get weirder, think again. With the world having essentially turned on its head, it’s only fitting that the fashion world did too.

Here are the top seven most bizarre trends of 2020 and how you can pull them off (well, some of them, at least).


#1 The Return of the JNCO Jean

Ah, JNCO jeans – we thought you were stuck in the 90s and early 2000s where you belong. But alas, you have risen once again.

The JNCO jean is a wide-leg pant that really stretches the definition of what pants can be. While they were most popular back in a time when Justin Timberlake still had frosted tips, they have since made a comeback in the form of “E-Boy” fashion. And to be real real, they do look pretty cool. These TikTok boys just know how to dress!

Make it Your Own: Instead of committing to the full-on jeans-that-could-sweep-your-floor look, buy yourself a pair of denim culottes – they’ll still give you that dramatic wide leg, without the trip hazard. Pair it with a ribbed multicolored mock-neck shirt for a cool 70s look.

#2 E-Girl Makeup

The internet – especially TikTok – has completely reshaped fashion in today’s day and age. With online platforms allowing trends to evolve more rapidly than ever before, and the media landscape becoming more daring and creative with each day, the youth of 2020 have crafted a new fashion style appropriately named after its virtual home: the E-Girl.

E-Girl Makeup

The E-Girl trend has birthed some of the most interesting and unusual makeup and clothing trends that you’ve ever seen:

  • Colored brows (go for blue, pink, or purple – it’s up to you!)
  • Mesh shirts under jackets, tees, or sweaters
  • White freckles (like freckles, but in the negative)
  • Pink noses and dramatic blush
  • Retro sunglasses in red, jet black, aqua, and pink
  • Feather brows (these are combed to look like literal feathers)
  • Checkered prints, plaid, and chain accessories
  • Straight brows (the outer halves are shaved and reshaped to point straight out)

#3 See-Through Everything

In 2018, the internet took the legacy of the “Plastics” from Mean Girls a bit too literally.

Since then, transparent plastic, mesh, and see-through lace clothing has seen a huge rise in popularity in both runway and commercial fashion and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon.

Here are just some of the styles that have seen a see-through facelift:

  • Skater skirts
  • Jackets
  • Hats
  • Chunky heels
  • Purses
  • Jeans with plastic knee patches
  • Fully clear jeans (Huh? But also, yes!)

Make it Your Own: Whether you wanna show off any of your cute 36 AA cub bras or flaunt your size M waist beads, this trend will genuinely show it all. Just like a marriage, this trend commits through thick and thin-thicc queens and skinny legends rejoice! Use a see-through shirt as an opportunity to display your swankiest unmentionables at a pool party or on a night out.

#4 The Double Jean

This is a truly innovative trend that turns Frankenstein into fashion – someone literally sewed two jeans into a single set of pants. Like those shampoo-conditioner products, but denim. This strange (but oddly cool) take on the classic blue jean features two distinct waistlines and often, two different jean fabrics.

Whether you think it looks good or not, this trend is perfect for anyone who can’t choose between the low-rise trend of the early 2000s and the high-waisted style of today.

#5 Crocs – But Make it Fashion

This one’s pretty simple. Crocs saw a sudden resurrection in 2020 thanks to platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

The result? Platform crocs.

Breathable, customizable, and it adds inches to your height? Sign us up!

#6 Fried Chicken Pants

This trend somehow simultaneously requires all the explanations and no explanation whatsoever. It is what you think it is: pants that make your legs look like juicy, orange fried chicken legs.

The thing is, as abhorrent as it sounds, this item is actually kind of awesome. If it weren’t for the unflattering (yet flavorful) name, one might see that it’s a modern take on the genie pant, minus the cultural appropriation.

Make it Your Own: These are iconically thick (or, thicc, as the kids say) at the thigh area, so make sure you’re wearing something tight at the top. A breathable white turtleneck would look nice, plus some chunky earrings and a high pony. This look is not for the faint-at-heart—but when rocked with confidence, it gives off some major high-fashion, finger-licking realness.

#7 Animal Hoof Heels

Yes. It’s what you think it is. High heels that look like animal hooves.

Tasteful? Um…

Tasty? It depends on who you ask.

Trendy? Somehow.

Just kidding. Hoof heels only became a trend in the costume space, but they really took off in terms of realism in late 2019, early 2020 (and, to be honest, we love it).

Make it Your Own: As long as you’re using faux-fur and embracing your faun-y fashion, there’s no reason you can’t rock a hoof heel on hallow’s eve (or some other costumed occasion… or pull a Bridget Jones and wear it to a normal party—up to you).

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Whether you found these trends gorgeous or gag-worthy, remember that your unique taste might be someone else’s “unusual”. The key to rocking your personal fashion style is not caring about what others think. That means you have to turn a blind eye to the haters and instead set your sights on those insane fried chicken pants (do they… kind of look fabulous?).

No matter what your style is, remember to embrace what makes you unique and flaunt it with confidence.