Underwear and Sock

How to choose underwear for white outfits?

Combine underwear with the outfits you wear is not always easy, especially if you will use a white outfit. What’s underwear indicated in that case?

Errors and mistakes
Nothing like linen, which always makes you look delicate, elegant and cool in the summer. Furthermore, it is super easy to match and only with an accessory can bring life and color. But, what happens with the underwear? Disaster! That happens!

choose underwear for white outfits

We do not know if you passed or ever saw someone with white pants and underwear color, which is noticeable a kilometer! That is because one thinks that it will not be noticed but truly the linen is quite transparent and see more of what you wish.

So we want you to make clear the first rule: never wear underwear with white colored outfits.

Another mistake we made all ever in life is to get white underwear. As you see! It is normal to think that white to white is perfect, but again, clothing is transparent and you end up showing your interiors.

That’s how we got to the second rule: never wear white underwear with white outfits.

The correct color of underwear for linen is…
If you read that this cannot be, nor the other, you wonder what to do … Do not wear underwear in case?

That is not the solution, because you will know that the right choice is to use nude color underwear, which becomes the same color as your skin. No details or embroidery, the top nude will provide the necessary protection without leaving underwear and without using any wrong color that you do make an error of fashion.

Therefore, the golden rule to wear white outfits always use with nude underwear.

No need to buy many sets of nude underwear if occasionally used white outfit, because only one will be fine. If on the contrary, if you found in white color of your life, recommend you go shopping and take several nude undergarments.