How to Perfectly Accessorize With Jewelry

You gaze on your reflection in the mirror and realize that your outfit looks perfect! Now, all you need is a couple of accessories to add the final touch before you head out of the house.

Perfectly Accessorize With Jewelry

Like you, many people collect jewelry and often buy high-end pieces for themselves. Some luxury jewelry retailers report that about 25% of customers are mature women who want to buy jewelry as a treat for some kind of success!

But, how do you style your jewelry so it compliments both you and the outfit you’re wearing?

We put together a quick guide to help you learn how to accessorize with jewelry. Keep reading to learn our best tips for styling your sparkliest accessories!


Necklaces come in an infinite number of styles and you can wear them with any kind of outfit. The easiest way to choose a necklace to compliment your outfit is to look at the type of neckline you’re wearing. These are some necklace ideas for different styles of neckline.

Turtle Neck or One Shoulder

These types of necklines get tricky because you already have a lot going on around your neck. For the most part, you might want to skip a necklace and opt for earrings and bracelets instead.

If you want to add a necklace to your turtle neck or one shoulder outfit, try using a longer necklace that hits between your underbust and your waist. That way, the necklace balances your neckline instead of adding to it.

V-Neck and Plunge Necklines

For a shorter V-neck, go for a shorter length necklace with a hanging pendant. Don’t let the pendant droop lower than your neckline though or you’ll be fishing it out of your shirt all day!

When you have a dramatic plunging neckline, layer several necklaces with varying lengths. Here’s a quick tip: put on your necklaces starting with the shortest and end with the longest.


When you opt for a strapless look, the best option is a choker style necklace. You can get away with a hanging necklace if it’s super short or very long, but mid-length necklaces don’t look right with a strapless look.

Sweetheart Necklines

The best necklaces for this neckline is a chunky or bold shorter necklace. Think retro or classic styles of jewelry to compliment this very feminine neckline.

Round or Boat Necklines

For your everyday round or boatneck style tops and dresses, almost anything looks great! The only tip here is to choose something that doesn’t hit your chest in the same spot as your neckline. You’ll want a necklace that’s either shorter or longer than that.


While neckline tells you what kind of necklace to choose, your face shape and hairstyle should help you choose the best earrings to wear. These tips should help you get an idea of what to pick if you’re stuck.

Hair Up

When your hair is up, you can wear any kind of earring. Since you can see your entire ear, you can even wear a dainty stud style earring.

Hair Down

When you wear your hair down, especially if you have long hair, try to pick earrings that dangle or stand out in some way. If not, the earrings could get lost in your luxurious locks!

Oval Face

Most people agree that the oval face shape is the ideal shape. So, you can make any pair of earrings look great!

Rectangle Face

Big hoop earrings help balance out a longer rectangle face. If you prefer a shorter earring, look for a cluster style instead of a simple stud because they’ll help widen the center of your face.

Heart-Shaped Face

For the most complementary earring for heart-shaped faces, look for a longer earring that widens towards the bottom. That will balance with your face, which narrows at the chin.

Round Face

To slim a round face, look for earrings that dangle or that hang lower. A great style of earring or people with round faces is the chandelier style.

Square Face

For those with a square face, you have a ton of options, as long as the earring isn’t too big. You want to avoid widening your face, so opt for more understated or dainty earrings whenever possible.


Some bracelets have a clasp while others don’t open at all, but all bracelets bring attention and bling to your wrist. You can even find silver jewelry for sale with facets that sparkle like any bracelet with precious stones!

If you want to layer several bracelets, try to use different styles in the same color family so they look cohesive. Also, try not to pair chunky bangles with more dainty bracelets. The bangle will cover and could damage your thinner bracelets, so it’s not worth the risk.

How to Accessorize Other Jewelry

These days, people get creative with different types of jewelry and ways of using jewelry to get a unique and stylish look. Some jewelry designers even make Swarovski jewelry out of bugs!

Consider pinning a pretty necklace into an updo or wrap it around your wrist for a unique bracelet look. Another interesting way to use extra-long necklaces is to drape them around your midriff while wearing a crop top.

Try thinking out of the box to use your old jewelry in new and stylish ways!

Everyone Likes a Little Sparkle, but Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

No matter what kind of jewelry you have, there’s a way to style it that compliments your look. You don’t even need super expensive high-end jewelry to make your accessories look like a million bucks. The secret is the way you style it!

Feel free to add as much or as little jewelry as you like. Some people want to sparkle from head to toe, but others prefer a little sparkle in the right place.

We hope you loved reading this article and that you learned a little bit about how to accessorize with your jewelry. For more articles about fashion and jewelry, check out the rest of our blogs today!