Shoe and Boot

Mistakes that we commit when using rain boots

If with your rain boots you feel as a firefighter in the midst of a catastrophe (but fashionable), check this list of mistakes that we often commit when using rain boots; because we have not learned that our boots deserve all our attention at the moment of choosing the outfit that accompany us, because there are the shoes that safeguard our feet in the flooded streets and because there are great designs that highlight our outfit surprisingly.

using rain boots

Do not put your boots as the protagonists of your outfit

All your clothes (style and color) must be consistent with the design of your boots. This is what is showing them off, highlight them; so avoid wearing clothes that make “harmony with the design of the boots” or that combined with its color; it is complement.

Wear pants on the outside of the boot

The best pants for a rain boot are the skinny pants or wearing tight; otherwise your legs will lose aesthetics and reduced height. In addition, why hide such a beautiful boots? You can also take them with shorts and skirts.

Use rain boots when there is no rain

I know that we are not fortune-tellers and TV weather girl is always wrong, but choose to use your rain boots in those days that dawn raining not to miss or when you go to leave home on a rainy afternoon; for that days in which super good dawns the day, with much warmth, prefer to dress up with these tips for hot weather and rain.

Use prints

I would like saying that you should experiment and yes, you can always do it, but these rain boots always be much better with dark trousers as it fit perfectly to the boots with opaque shades and the skylights, to a few shiny boots.

Tight skirts and dresses

Be sure to use loose dresses; clingy clothes make boots look wider than normal; as if it will not be just as firefighter boots.

Do not wear high socks

There is a basic one to use rain boots especially when you wear a skirt, dress or shorts. Use socks high enough so that you do not rub the boots, or scroll through the sock which can cause you discomfort. Certainly, this if it is that your boots have no lining or to take a few beautiful stockings with them.

Keep in your closet at least two pairs of these boots that can be complemented with different outfits. And now, jump in the rain.