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Coats for night

What clothes to wear for evening events? As a dinner, a cocktail, go dancing or go to a bar with friends is a question that we do constantly.

Many times we devote much time to choose the perfect look, including shoes and jewelry; but we don’t have the climate, which is cool for this time of year in many countries and leave for last minute choose coat that we use on top of it.

Keep in mind that a bad combination between your look and the coat you want to use, it could ruin everything!

coats for night

To give you a better idea of the type of coat you can wear with a certain look, here present the following examples:


This is a key piece for a more formal look. You can wear it to complement a classic dress or pants with a delicate blouse, for example if you have a business dinner or a formal event. If you want a more modern look you can combine it with jeans.


Depending on the material you use to accompany a formal or informal look. The cotton and wool materials are more informal while silk is used to accompany a more formal dress.

A pashmina can be the perfect addition to different types of night looks using it with jackets, sweaters, jeans, skirts and dresses.

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This style of lace and sequins can be the complement to a more fashion look. A combination that is good to use with leather trousers. Combining well, so soft and romantic lace with the sexy and daring of the leather.


This part is very fashionable this season and depending on the color and texture may look more or less elegant.

A combination of neutral colors like beige and black is perfect for projecting a chic and sophisticated look. It is special for a more casual night out.


This kimono in crochet is very feminine and delicate perfect to wear over dresses or skirts in a contrasting tone.