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Some tips to look younger

Between work, obligations and recreation, you are left with little time to pamper yourself. In the morning, wake up, sometimes you feel like a few more years. In front of your mirror, you try to counteract the effects of time on your appearance. Here are some tips to look younger.

look younger

Your eyes look duller and you try to hide this sign of aging under a ton of makeup … Bad idea! Opt instead for a change of diet. Yep! Fruits, antioxidants vegetables, fish (rich in omega-3) have beneficial effects on blood circulation. When liquids are better drained, the eye contour lights and bags under the eyes tend to absorb. You will see the difference in just three days.

A higher eyebrow
You just have to redraw your eyebrows by insisting on the top line. An eyebrow above improves the appearance of the eye. It seems clearer, fresher, and requires less makeup.

The mascara
And in regards to mascara, use a product that will extend and bend back your upper eyelashes only.

Back to natural
You choose the makeup in order to correct some small imperfections, professionals suggest this simple thing: you look in the mirror and imagine yourself in 20 years. The image that makes you your mirror will be outdated in two decades? If so, try again.

Makeup should be unobtrusive and enhance your natural beauty.

Have you ever seen a young woman with bright red cheeks naturally? Not unless she is very shy (and it’s not hard). For your makeup, so opt for pink, more discreet, which will ensure a more youthful appearance. Mix a pink highlighter to your foundation or apply on the latter, a light pink veil.

The mouth
Over time, the lips are thin and discolored. Draw in the outline with a pencil tip dry. Take the opportunity to increase the roundness. Reassemble the corners of your lips and use a blush of creamy texture, bright colors and satin finish. You will only prettier.

If it is a trick that you will rejuvenate a few years, it is the length of hair. If they are of exceptional quality, go for the long hair. Otherwise, a knee cut, stylish or worse, make you look younger by a few years.

Others opt for the capped-messy look. If you need to hide some white hair, select a lighter, fresh dye, whose color matches the color of your skin and eyebrows. A few bits will intensify this air of youth.

And if there is a rule of thumb, it is that the volume. The dryer air, in movement, you still provide a few years younger. Consult your stylist and avoid too lacquered hairstyles.

Dress is an important element to maintain a youthful appearance. However, dress like a teenager, after the age of 40, is totally discouraged.

  • Rely on good cut clothes, of more sober look.
  • The “chimney” neck is ideal for those that have exceeded the quarantine. It hides wrinkles at the base of the neck and chest, in addition to protecting you from the cold.
  • If you must wear a neckline, avoid “push-up” bra. They enhance the formation of folds in the hollow of your breasts. Bet on a more natural support.
  • Apply a cream and a translucent powder on the exposed part of your chest.

Neglected, hands will betray your age. Give them a youthful appearance with a good scrub, once or twice a week. Then, on a daily basis, cream them with complete care that conceals dark spots that appear with age.

Then apply a dab of foundation. Others use a firming serum and brightening cosmetics to hide revealing marks.

UV rays from the sun and tanning beds are harmful to your skin. They are responsible for 90% of premature aging of your physical body. Never go out without applying in advance, adequate sun protection, 365 days a year.

Younger look: Schemes
The yo-yo dieting only exacerbates the signs of aging. Fertilize, then repeat diet affects the elasticity of your skin. It becomes more flaccid. Opt for a regime of balanced life, which combines a healthy eating and exercise. Eat at least one liter of water per day: your skin will be more flexibility and shine. And some curves are not necessarily unpleasant.

Pamper yourself
Facial massages, cleaning green tea, hot sake, all means are good to look youthful.

  • Massage your face before your makeup, do some circular movements from the nose to the contours. Then prepare green tea in a large amount of warm water and wash your face, for a clear and fresh skin. Then use a moisturizing lotion.
  • Have you tried the hot sake? If you have dry skin, fill your bathtub with water and add one liter of wine from organic sake at 12% alcohol, and then a few drops of rose essential oil. You will soon see the difference.

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