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Tips for finding large size shoes

Finding perfect shoes is not always easy, especially if you have large feet, either because these are very wide or because you are of large size, but this does not have to be a problem for you!

We give you the best tips for finding big size shoes here, take note!

finding large size shoes

Say yes to online stores!
If you’re size 12 or larger it is time to start online shopping. In the internet there is a greater amount of options for you than in any shopping center, in addition, it will take less time to find what you were looking for and you will not limit yourself to what exists only in your country.

Be kind and friendly to saleswomen
This is definitely one of the best tips for finding big size shoes. The next time you go to a store to look for shoes do not be disappointed if you do not find what you wanted. Better, approach any of the vendors, tell how difficult it is for you to get designs for your type of feet and ask him to let you know as soon as they get new models of your size through an email.

Tie them up!
Do you have the ideal pair of high heels or flats but you need to be a little bigger? You can go with a shoemaker to lengthen them with a special machine.

Do you want another tip for finding big size shoes? Buy wood stretchers or special sprays to lengthen its size. Take into account that the suede and leather stretch easily, unlike the satin and patent leather. On the other hand, flats are easier to stretch than heels.

After your shoes have stretched, we recommend placing silicone gel packs in them while not in use to avoid shrink.

Use filling
Filling can also be your best allies, especially if you’re size 6 or 5 and you find shoes with larger numbers. You can find them in the shape of finished staff or the half to place them only in the frontal part of the shoe.

Are your feet wide?
If you have wide feet, the best thing you can do to feel more comfortable is to buy half a number larger than yours and use staff in the frontal part so that you can walk perfectly well with them.