Styles of wedding dresses for every body type

A bride with style is one that is very well known herself, and knows how to get the most out of her body when getting dressed. The most important thing when choosing wedding dress is that clears what our body type and the area or areas that we prefer and highlight those that on the contrary we prefer disguise and know how to achieve it.

Here we explain some key to identify in your body type and what is the wedding dress that most favor to you.

Styles of wedding dresses

If your body is triangle type, narrow in the upper part of your body (small bust and narrow shoulders) and your hips and legs are wide. In this case you need to balance your proportions, keeping your hips and legs look fuller and bringing attention to your upper body. We recommend you opt for empire waist dress with semi-loose falling from below the bust area. Continue reading

Using scarves according to your personal style

Scarves have become essential items in the male wardrobe not only for use during the time of fall/winter but practically throughout the year. Each man has his own style when it comes to dress and accessories can be used as tools to select or reflect their own style. Today share with you how to choose the scarf that reflects your personal style.

using scarves

If you think your style is classic and conservative, in general like to wear basic clothing that does not quickly out of fashion, you should opt for classic scarves or scarf styles such as those with prints in frames in neutral colors, in blue, brown, or gray shades.

If you love the comfort and you feel that your style is relaxed and informal, love wearing jeans, Chino style pants in your day, opts for scarves in combinations in tones and strong earth tones (beige, brown, red, yellow, orange, etc..), scratches can be a good ally to use these color combinations. Continue reading

What to wear to disguise the abdomen?

As disappear or hide a prominent abdomen is a common concern of many women and sometimes requires exercise, and it is clear, time and dedication to achieve this. As you succeed you can opt for some styling tricks, using appropriate dress help you to disguise it. So if this is your case, invite you to take note of the type of clothing you should not miss in your closet:

disguise abdomen

Blouses and dresses in empire waist: This type of cut has the characteristic of being adjusted in the chest area and wider area from below the bust. Since it is not exact in the zone of the abdomen it will help you to hide it. Forget the dresses or blouses that are cut in the waist area because they accentuate your abdomen. Continue reading

Coats for night

What clothes to wear for evening events? As a dinner, a cocktail, go dancing or go to a bar with friends is a question that we do constantly. Many times we devote much time to choose the perfect look, including shoes and jewelry; but we don’t have the climate, which is cool for this time of year in many countries and leave for last minute choose coat that we use on top of it. Keep in mind that a bad combination between your look and the coat you want to use, it could ruin everything!

coats for night

To give you a better idea of the type of coat you can wear with a certain look, here present the following examples:

Blazer: This is a key piece for a more formal look. You can wear it to complement a classic dress or pants with a delicate blouse, for example if you have a business dinner or a formal event. If you want a more modern look you can combine it with jeans. Continue reading

How to use hair accessories

The accessories for the hair will never be fashionable and can be your best allies to give that special touch to your look. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using them:

use hair accessories

- Less is more. As for the costumes, for accessories also apply the phrase “less is more”. If you take a look with showy clothing, avoid using equally flashy hair accessories. In this case suggest you use a thin headband or small buckle. Continue reading

How to dress to attend wedding?

The first thing to consider before choosing to go dressed as are the following factors: the type of wedding, the location and time of day the ceremony will take place. Below share some ideas for the next great wedding that you are invited.

dress to attend wedding

A wedding on the beach: Usually this kind of weddings are more informal than conventional church weddings or ceremonial rooms. Performed in the morning or ending afternoon. Use a short or long casual dress, pastel colors if you are blonde and pale skin tone or intense colors if you are brunette. The prints are welcome, but are too big and flashy. As for footwear opt for high heel sandals, in no very delicate materials such as suede, which can be ruined by contact with the sand. Continue reading

What styles of shoes should use depending on your legs and height?

Have you ever wondered if any style of shoes will go well with your legs? In the same way that when buying clothes, you should consider your body type when buying shoes you should consider the size, shape and texture of your legs and feet, as well as your height. Below we show different styles of shoes and how they fit different types of legs:

different styles of shoes

The boots or shoes that are tied at the ankles
Both styles will look good if you have long and thin legs (dressing if your legs are thin), especially if the area of your ankle is thin, since these are going to emphasize this area. If you have calves and/or thick ankles or if you’re short you should avoid it; since to emphasize that area you will make your legs look shorter and you see shorter. Continue reading

HOW to dress if my legs are thick?

Before share some tricks so you’ll carry your thick legs, we suggest you do aside your insecurities, at first it may be difficult because you believe that all look that part of your figure that they don’t like, but this only have two options: the first is to enjoy life and the body you have, choosing to wear clothes that will help improve your appearance; the second is to repress and feel bad about it.

carry thick legs

However keep in mind: people do not usually repair in detail what we want to hide, it is our fear and discontent which makes highlight. However, don’t worry the fear it is simply lack of knowledge and so today we will give you some ideas so that you dare to show your thick legs. Continue reading

Shoes used to attend party

A very common question when trying to complement a party look – is that shoes will wear? Now creating your style will give you some advice to give you on this, when choosing the style of shoes for your next party, taking into account your personal style and the type of party.

style of shoes

- If your style is sexy and you love being the center of attention and not go unnoticed; used high heels sandals, stilettos type (slim heel) in bold colors like red or heels closed in bold patterns as the animal. These are perfect to give you the alluring touch to your look and special events or for more casual parties. Do not forget that the sandals are a great choice for day or night parties in summer. (Picture 1,2 and 4) Continue reading

Wear skirts according to your figure

The skirts are preferred by most of women when want to look feminine and sexy (like dresses) clothes, but how to know which style should use as body type? Today we will share some basic rules of how to wear this type of skirts according to your figure.

wear skirts

The key to choose right skirt style is to take into account your legs type and shape of your hips:

If your legs are thick and short: Use straight cut or pencil style skirts, as this type of skirts not having achieved folds manage to narrow your waist, hips, and legs. As your legs will create a visual illusion that they are a bit long and thin, always choose to carry long above the knee (3-4 cm), with open or closed toe heels and ending with tone skin if you want to visually lengthen them. In addition to add to this lengthening effect, we suggest dark shades. Continue reading